Shaped by Time, Intention, and Circumstance

Mixed Media
February 6-29, 2024
Baton Rouge Gallery

First Wednesday Opening: February 7, 6 - 9 p.m.
Articlulate Artist Talk: Sunday, February 11, 4 p.m.

As a painter, what lead me to begin working three dimensionally, to break down a painting into its pieces and parts and to begin shaping wood and hardboard panels before even thinking about color?

One of the most important reasons was that it made the painting feel more object-like and less “precious” and that in turn led to a freedom I hadn’t felt earlier when working on canvas and paper. The process took longer and I began to take pleasure in the time it took to shape and sand, paint and then to often redo what instigated the painting in the first place - scraps of oddly shaped wood or a quick sketch.

I was able to be in the workshop using simple tools while the back and forth from studio to workshop acted as an antidote to my natural restlessness while also allowing more time for problem solving and contemplation. This way of working also connected me in a deep and important way to what I’ve always admired - the balance of physical, intellectual and spiritual work.

Finally and very practically, these pieces could be presented sans frame, glass or mat which was and is a constant source of happiness. After many years as a painter, when I go into the studio now, I want only joy.

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