Kathleen Lemoine

Learning to Dance

This body of work is all about movement, the movement of elements within each piece as well as the movement of shapes from one painting to another until something “clicks”.

More than ever before I’m finding some ideas can be best expressed three dimensionally and in relief rather than with two dimensional painting.

Moving a painting or sculpture from an idea into “concrete” form can be seriously hard work so I really appreciated the humor and fun that was the impetus for many of the pieces in this series.

Am I Blue
16”w x 12”h
Acrylic on shaped wood/MDF

Let's Dance
20”h x 17”w x 2.5”d
Acrylic on wood

Night and Day
16”w x 12”w x 2”d
Acrylic on shaped panel

A Foggy Day
16”w x 12”h
Acrylic on wood/MDF

At Last
25”w x 13”h
Acrylic on shaped panels

Day In Day Out
12.5”h x 13”w
MIxed Media

Easy to Love
15.25”w x 10”h
Acrylic on wood/MDF

Let's Do It
10.5”w x 10.5”h x 1.75”d
Acrylic on wood

Satin Doll
24”w x 16”h x 6.5”d
Acrylic on shaped wood

8.5”w x 7.25” h x 2.5”d
Acrylic on wood

Tight Squeeze
24”h x 7.5”w
Acrylic on wood

Who Knew
10”h x 20”w
Mixed media